Re: an honest post about being an oracle ace

From: Palooka <>
Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2009 03:37:40 +0000
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Noons wrote:
> hpuxrac wrote,on my timestamp of 31/01/2009 11:16 AM:
>> Found this one
>> Very honestly it appears the author notes that he is a junior dba but
>> has had oracle grant him this "credential" based on posting and
>> promoting oracle ...
>> Interesting eh?

> In this case, I'd say Chen is being overly modest:
> she is a lot more than just a junior dba.
> Had I the power of decision to hire her I'd do it in a flash.
> She just has the right attitude to the job and actually knows
> more than she lets out.
> But the Ace thing in general? Gosh, I've only said it
> a million times now: all the nonsense that goes on at Oracle
> about certifications and titles isn't worth the weight of
> it in crap.


Captain M. is an Oracle Ace. What more proof could there be that only the worthiest are deserving of such an honour?

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