Re: Regarding Oracle version upgrading questions

From: Michael Austin <>
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2009 22:41:01 -0600
Message-ID: <09wfl.9512$> wrote:
> hi,
> we are considering seriously on upgrading our database server.
> Current database runs on HP-UX 11.11, 20CPU and 36GB RAM. The
> version is Oracle8.1.7.
> To system running records, we met Ora-600 error frequently. There
> is always sequent read and latch waiting in system. We also found, if
> we allocate more DRAM to shared pool the overall performance degrades.
> There exist debate on upgrading Oracle8.1.7 to higher version. Some
> guys says there should be little internal technique improvement, and
> oracle10g , oracle11g only improve with management tools which just
> means alot to business analysis. While kernel algo. and mechanism did
> not improve at all.
> We'd like hear from those who have upgrade their oracle server ,
> that
> 1. did oracle 10g or oracle11g just mean to improve business report
> tools?
> 2. did oracle 10g and oracle11g improve with performance?
> 3. did oracle 10g and oracle11g improve with reliablity and
> monitoring tools ?
> each word will be highly appreciated !
> Joe

I would say that if you continue the tuning effort, test and move your queries to CBO, use ASM, use LMT (5% boost right there) Tune, Test, Tune and Test some more and you **can** (if done properly) significantly improve performance but more importantly improve the manageability of your database environments. Not to mention that if you are running a SOX and/or PCI database - you are so far out of compliance you will need a crane to get out the hole you have let yourself get into...

As others have stated, being this far out of date is very poor business practices, regardless of cost and "stability" of the environment. If your database/OS/hardware is out of support, your APPLICATION is unsupportable. I have been the "goto guy" to recover a failed server that the only way to fix it was to upgrade everything at once - and just pray that it worked. Do this a few times and you will never again let stuff get this far behind. I had to convert a very old and out-of-support database environment before the ancient server it was on failed. I missed. This forced us to move to production with what I had - took us 3 days (24x7) to work all the bugs out and bring the plant back online.

My new motto: "If it ain't important enough to keep it current, it ain't important." Received on Mon Jan 26 2009 - 22:41:01 CST

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