Re: moving 10GR2 from server 2003 32bit to server 2008 64 bit - best method?

From: GS <>
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2009 04:15:00 GMT
Message-ID: <8vbel.7105$Db2.6054_at_edtnps83>

GS wrote:
> hpuxrac wrote:

>> On Jan 22, 4:56 pm, GS <> wrote:
>>> IIRC correctly an online (or cold) backup (user managed or rman) can't
>>> be restored on a different platform, although I faintly recall before
>>> 10G was released hearing that 10G datafiles were going to be platform
>>> independent, but perhaps I misunderstood.
>>> Anyway, we are upgrading hardware on a 10GR2 database(windows 32b to
>>> windows 64b), and am considering different options to move the data.
>>> Other than transportable tablespaces (which I have never played with) am
>>> I limited to exp/imp?
>>> thanks
>> IIRC HJR is crazy about oracle support and testing quality on windows
>> 2008 ...

> Care to expand on that? I though dizwell was down.. (will go have a look)

Never mind, had a look and its nice to see Dizwell back up..

Now I'm a bit concerned, but we've been testing a copy of the prod database for awhile now with no ill effects so far, but we're not using large pages either. We are upgrading the front end app so I created the DB with pretty well the same memory parameters as the 32 bit server. Received on Thu Jan 22 2009 - 22:15:00 CST

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