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From: Noons <>
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2009 17:09:21 -0800 (PST)
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Charles Hooper wrote:

> [humor on, trying to make sense of the news article]
> Since you were unhappy with the speed at which Oracle support provided
> emergency patches to you for your "stable systems",

Where in what he quoted from me do you read that? I am not Jeff Hunter.

> thus causing you
> to drop your Oracle support contract in favor of a third party Oracle
> support provider, such as Burleson Consulting,

I think the quote of my reply specifically states that we pay nearly 100K/year in support to Oracle. How can anyone construe from such that we dropped their support and switched to elBurlo? Last time I looked at the English grammar, "pay" is NOT the same as "payed"?

> I sense some problems, or possible contradictions, drawn from your
> quote being included on that page, in the context of the other
> information on that page.

Of course. The original question asked in the blog elBurlo quotes from was: is Oracle support good value?
My reply in the blog ended (this bit of course omitted by Burlo) with: "Value? Define VALUE first?"
In other words: he incompletely quoted me, thereby changing the meaning of my words. Correct quoting of anyone's words must include the totallity of them, not just convenient "extracts". To do otherwise is to misquote out of context, which is precisely what he did.
To his credit he provided a link to the original, so anyone in doubt can simply read my COMPLETE original statement and draw their own conclusions from it.

> It seems that the majority of the quotes on
> that page are possibly out of context for what the page was originally
> attempting to accomplish.

Bingo! Mostly because they are incomplete, using only suitable portions that "re-inforce" his message.

> The inclusion of the quotes on that page
> seems to indicate that those individuals being quoted have cancelled
> their Oracle support contracts in order to save thousands of dollars a
> year by using a 3rd party remote DBA service.

Actually, I read it as "there are folks not happy with the support they are paying for".
With which I tend to agree. From there to "they have actually dropped and switched" is a long leap, although of course he'd love that! ;)

> Is it the case that I just misunderstood the intent of news article?

Dunno. Define "misunderstood" first?
(tongue firmly planted in cheek) Received on Wed Jan 14 2009 - 19:09:21 CST

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