Re: ORACLE ERP mail list or forums?

From: Shakespeare <>
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2009 10:43:24 +0100
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hpuxrac schreef:
> On Jan 11, 6:54 pm, aaa <> wrote:
>> our company plan to use ORACLE ERP and we are new to this area.
>> Does there has ant ORACLE ERP mail list ot Forurms which we can get help?
>> Thanks.

> People usually refer to the oracle erp stuff as "oracle applications"
> or "oracle apps".

Oracle EBS is a common name as well.

> Over the years now that oracle has grown and
> acquired so many different companies you may need to differentiate
> between the traditional stuff that oracle sold versus stuff it
> acquired.
> Try doing some googling around using things like "forum oracle app" is
> one way.
> There is a misc newsgroup under comp databases oracle but looks like
> it is in disuse for the most part. There's also a bunch of stuff in
> forums under oracle corporation.
> What area are you in? There is an active community the oracle
> application user group in many cities ( see ) and
> maybe an online part there?
> Start by shopping around at and see where you can get ...

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