From: patrick boulay <>
Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2009 06:39:34 +0100
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hpuxrac wrote:
> On Jan 10, 8:08 am, patrick boulay <> wrote:
>> I have an issue with this table
>> It is empty and should contain session level metrics ...
>> anyone around who have the same issue
>> patrick

> Might be more people volunteering info if you would give your oracle
> release and patchset info along with operating system details and
> things like ( 64 bit / 32 bit ). Enterprise edition or what? Oracle
> option packs licensed or what?
> Did you take a look at metalink? Normally one might look at DBA views
> of tables like this.
> I don't get any rows from my 64 bit OEL 5.1 system when
> selecting ( select * from dba_hist_sessmetric_history ). Give us an
> example of exactly what you are expecting to see please.

Yes , ur right , I should have given more information about my configuration ...
Oracle AIX 4.2 64bits PPC 5GHZ ( 80Cores 200G SGA ) an average of 5000 users /day connecting I am looking for session level metrics about hard parsing something like : snap_id, sql_id, hard parsing information ... I need to analyze the AWR history repo, not real time , for spotting trends so went to these SESSION-LEVEL views and associated tables and found zippo I have AWR scheduled every 15 minutes ,
I have a metalink account and found nothing thank you
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