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Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2009 17:51:31 GMT
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"Charles Hooper" <> wrote in message
> There are issues with the original post:
> 1. The writing style of this "Palooka" <> differs
> significantly from posts made previously in this group by a person
> also using "Palooka" <>. See below.
> 2. The OP is apparently under the impression that the people
> participating this group work for Oracle support, or are on-call 24x7
> for urgent problems (URGENT tag in the subject line).
> 3. The version of Oracle used by the OP was not disclosed.
> 4. The operating system used by the OP was not disclosed.
> 5. The alert log messages related to the error were not disclosed.
> 6. The OP did not state what changes may have been made leading up to
> this issue.
> 7. The OP apparently made little or no effort to troubleshoot the
> problem, at least that is the impression from the post
> (troubleshooting steps not listed).
> 8. Instant messaging speak "U", "PLS", all capital letters were used
> (top-posting has yet to be determined as the OP did not reply yet).
> The above are the reasons why I did not respond to this post roughly
> 12 hours ago.
> I suspect that Sybrand's intention with his post was to encourage
> people to provide sufficient information when reporting problems so
> that the problems made be addressed efficiently. That intention,
> however, is almost completely lost due to the words he selected in his
> reply. The words were rather harsh, which should have been specific
> to the individual, rather than the individual's apparent community (I
> am not sure if this would be considered racism or a gross over
> generalization).
> ----
> Writing style differences, "Palooka" vs. "Palooka":
> "hpuxrac wrote:
>> Reasonable designs for a relational database are done using ERD's and
>> 3nf.
> Agreed in priciple, as a logical design. But when transposing the
> logical design into a physical one, it might be sensible to normalise
> further in some selected areas for application flexibility, and/or
> to
> denormalise (carefully) in others for performance. IMHO though, each
> such change should be considered carefully, and a justification
> documented.
> Just my 2c.
> Palooka"
> "joel garry wrote:
>> A few SECONDS of google:
>> et cetera.
> Why should he waste precious seconds on Google, when people here will
> do
> his work for nothing?
> Palooka"
> ----
> From the above quotes, it should be easy to see that the Palooka who
> has contributed to this group in the past is likely not the same
> Palooka who was the OP in this thread. Palooka's comment in the
> second of the above quotes suggests that he understands that searches
> (and research) should be performed prior to posting, rather than
> dumping problems on group members (the context of the quote may not
> make that easy to see), while the OP in this thread apparently does
> not subscribe to the same line of reasoning.
> Flame war avoided, or too late?
> Charles Hooper
> IT Manager/Oracle DBA
> K&M Machine-Fabricating, Inc.

Notice he has not responded to any questions to resolve his matter. Guess it wasn't that urgent.
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