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From: Jeremy <>
Date: Tue, 6 Jan 2009 18:26:39 -0000
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> On Jan 4, 2:00 pm, Jeremy <> wrote:
> > With multiple databases (all Oracle 10gR2) and a single version of
> > application code (pl/sql plus css, images etc - it is a web
> > application)) can anyone suggest any good tools for managing the release
> > and "build" of each database we have to upgrade? Ideally somthing that
> > ties in with SVN would be fantastic.
> >
> > If not can anyone point me to any good resources for "best practise" in
> > managing software upgrades?
> >
> > Many thanks
> > jeremy
> >
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> > jeremy
> Are there multiple operating systems in play or just one? If only
> one ... which one?

Linux and Solaris...

> How many different sites and databases/applications are around?

1 application but potentially 40+ databases

> You probably want to script it in some manner or put together an
> installer application of some kind. If you are going cross platform
> ( linux/unix along with windows etc ) then a java based installation
> routine may be the way to go.
> Best practices would involve your organization setting up a team
> approach and making sure that your organization has enough resources
> so that you practice what you preach. As you develop at certain
> points you install your changes into your own internal resources the
> same way that you release to external customers ... in other words
> eating your own dog food.
> Turn over the install and testing responsibilities to some set of
> people that don't have any development responsibilities. Get them to
> do the quality assurance part and provide feedback.
> It is going to take a big commitment to get all this right. It needs
> to be driven from management down ... with a commitment to the
> resources and investments required. Swimming it uphill probably won't
> work well.

Thanks very much for your comments, all noted.

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