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From: joel garry <>
Date: Fri, 2 Jan 2009 14:01:41 -0800 (PST)
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On Jan 2, 2:57 am, Sanjeev <> wrote:
> Dear Gurus,
>   I have got 2.5 years experience in Oracle 9i (SQL, PL/SQL) with
> Java.
>   Mostly Database development (SQL, PL/SQL).
>   I want do a certification in Oracle and having a doubt where should
> go?
>   Whether Developer or DBA track, as well as which certification I
> need to go for so as to become career in Oracle.
>   Which certification will be suitable for me.
>   Whether Oracle 10g certification OR Oracle 9i certification
>   Since I am not working on D2k
>  Could any one provide suggestion for me.
> Regards
> Sanjeev

I basically agree with David and Mark.

Sometimes I answer this question from people without experience that by the time they've worked a couple of years as a developer, they should have an idea what the differences are and perhaps which way they might be happiest. Your post is making me rethink that answer (and I thank you for that). I'm guessing it may be entirely possible to be in places without any explicit DBA role, and get developer experience without seeing what proper administration is all about (and certainly, some people have pointed out how many products seem to show that in a negative way).

What have you observed?

If I were in your situation as I understand it, I'd take the developer path, then the DBA path, they both have useful information that you don't get exposed to in particular jobs, and each has some info useful in the other job. But always take everything they say with a critical eye, some information is wrong, some is misleading, some is sales fluff. Try things yourself when possible. Don't believe anyone who tries to sell you anything with the idea it will help you get a particular job, that's a common scam.


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