Re: When should one rebuild an index?

From: Bob Jones <email_at_me.not>
Date: Sun, 28 Dec 2008 18:08:46 -0600
Message-ID: <byU5l.3984$>

"DA Morgan" <> wrote in message
> Bob Jones wrote:

>> "Robert Klemme" <> wrote in message 
>>> On 28.12.2008 02:41, Bob Jones wrote:
>>>> I don't know what your definition of "meaningless" is here. How could 
>>>> something be "meaningless" yet provides a specific piece of 
>>>> information.
>>> It provides a bit of data, whether that is information depends on the 
>>> usefulness.  If you cannot do anything with it, it's just data.
>> Hmmm, so it provides meaningless data about index structures and space 
>> usage. I  wonder why Oracle went through all that trouble.

> Not meaningless with respect to index structures and space usage.
> Meaningless within the context of the topic being discussed. Meaningless
> as a criteria for rebuilding indexes. Not everything that is not white
> is black. There are shades of gray and a rainbow's worth of colors in
> between.

Index structure and space usage are meaningless in determining index rebuild? So in your opinion what is meaningful? Received on Sun Dec 28 2008 - 18:08:46 CST

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