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Date: Wed, 24 Dec 2008 18:52:24 GMT
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> Hi,
> 2 questions here:
> First, in terms of minimizing the number of parse/execute calls, it is
> suggested to use bind variables. However, why would a statement
> like: "SELECT address FROM emp WHERE name = 'John Doe';" get re-
> parsed? The statement is always the same, and never changes.
> Or, "SELECT product_name FROM product WHERE product_id = v_id AND
> status = 'Active';"
> There, v_id is a variable and 'Active' is a literal, never
>, why get re-parsed when it can re-use the
> statement?
> Second, is using EXECUTE IMMEDIATE for doing a SELECT faster than a
> normal coded SELECT?
> Much Thanks!

SELECT address FROM emp WHERE name = 'John Doe';" won't get reparsed IF that is exactly what you send each and every time. (soft parse, which with some languages you could further avoid) But SELECT address FROM emp WHERE name = 'John Doe';" is NOT the same as
SELECT address FROM emp WHERE name = 'Susan Smith';" Oracle matches on the whole string. so those 2 are different. Yes, in your 2nd example it would not get a hard reparsed. if you can use normally coded sql select use it instead of execute immediate. Execute immediate requires extra processing and is more prone ot error.
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