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Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2008 05:34:47 +0100
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On 19.12.2008 23:08, Chuck wrote:

> Chuck wrote:

>> I just read an oracle white paper on transparent data encryption in
>> 10gR2. It states that decryption occurs at the SQL layer. Doesn't that
>> mean that the data will be decrypted *before* it's transmitted over the
>> network to a client? I would think that defeats part of the goal of
>> encryption if it's not done at the client. Am I misunderstanding something?
>> Quoted from the white paper...
>> "TDE encrypts data before it's written to disk and decrypts data before
>> it is returned to the application. The encryption and decryption process
>> is performed at the SQL layer, completely transparent to applications
>> and users."
> Thanks all who replied. I guess if I want to encrypt the data in transit
> I'll either need to pay for the advanced networking option,

Depends on the license you have: under certain conditions it's included already:

Then you do


on the server and select the highest possible encryption to make all connections safe.

(and link to Morgan's Lib posted before)

> or use
> something like stunnel or ssh port forwarding.

I am not sure about the details and I do not know your paranoia level but it may be that these tools are unsafe in case someone has access to one of the systems.

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