Re: Hit 4GB file size limit in Oracle on W2003

From: Palooka <>
Date: Sat, 20 Dec 2008 23:10:18 +0000
Message-ID: <zXe3l.16352$oT4.12351@newsfe23.ams2>

Michael Austin wrote:

> Cristian Cudizio wrote:

>> On 12 Dic, 11:52, wrote:
>>> Please could anybody help. A friend has a corrupted database. She
>>> has execeed 4GB on the size of a datafile. She has been told she will
>>> need patch 2585700 and will have to restore her database. I must
>>> admit I was not aware of this problem.
>>> I would be gratefull for any information, if anybody has experience of
>>> this problem. She want to be sure she is doing the right thing to
>>> solve the problem.
>>> Thanks in advance.
>>> Best wishes, Stephen.
>> I've encountered same error years ago. It is not a limit on 4GB but a
>> problem
>> with file autoextension on the exact size of 4GB. it is a very
>> particular case if
>> during autoextension datafiles reachs exactly 4 GB database became
>> corrupted.
>> If you extend manually directly to 5 GB it goes well. We installed at
>> that time patchset
>> Regards,
>> Cristian
> I guess this is what happens when companies fail to keep their systems 
> updated...  If she had been running (the terminal release of 9i) 
> she would have never seen it.

True enough. Nor indeed if she had been studiously avoiding potential boundary problems, as the more prudent among us have been doing since the year dot.

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