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From: DA Morgan <>
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2008 06:54:28 -0800
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joel garry wrote:

>> To consider yourselves consumers of the SAN service is the same as
>> considering yourself a consumer of the network service or the
>> electricity service. As the customer you have both the right and
>> the responsibility to write an SLA with those that provide it.

> Say what? The provider of my electricity service (at home) tried to ...

Ok bad analogy.

>> If your idea of an SLA is to laydown in the middle of the street
>> and be run over that's what you get. I think you will find that
>> the customers of your company's ERP system has taken a very
>> different approach to the issue and so should all DBAs.

> The customers of my companies ERP system wouldn't know a RAID-5 from
> an ICE raid. (just went through a painful inventory count of a newly
> aquired subsidiary where people had really strange ideas - I would be
> wearing the tragedy mask if I didn't wear the comedy mask).
> Management are no wussies here, but the reality is it is an
> assymetrical war between consumers and service providers. Not
> entirely sure what you are saying a DBA should do.

What I am saying DBAs should do is write an SLA with network admins saying I need X number of private networks (storage,cache fusion) with Y bandwidth and latency, etc. And with the storage admins write an SLA saying I need Z TB of disk providing specific service metrics. Then, as long as they deliver them, who cares. But simple math will force them, if they do so, to carve up multiple LUNS, stripe multiple disks, and not use RAID5 because otherwise it won't work.

A DBA that says give me 500GB of disk is a fool. What is provided may be 500GB on a single 750GB SATA drive. DBAs need to be smarter about what they ask for and include in their requests service metrics ... in other words write an SLA.

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