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From: Palooka <>
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2008 01:50:56 +0000
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DA Morgan wrote:
> Palooka wrote:

>> joel garry wrote:
>>> I'm under the impression spindles=performance.
>> I think Michael Austin is right. We are just consumers of the SAN 
>> service. These days, we can no longer think in terms of spindles - too 
>> much is abstracted and virtualised.
>> Just my 2c.
>> Palooka

> To consider yourselves consumers of the SAN service is the same as
> considering yourself a consumer of the network service or the
> electricity service. As the customer you have both the right and
> the responsibility to write an SLA with those that provide it.
> If your idea of an SLA is to laydown in the middle of the street
> and be run over that's what you get. I think you will find that
> the customers of your company's ERP system has taken a very
> different approach to the issue and so should all DBAs.

What a facile and fatuous observation.

Of course the SAN providers are subject to SLAs. The point is that they guarantee a level of availability and throughput; i.e. the what, rather than the how.

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