Re: how to activate oracle text in 10g enterprise

From: stc <>
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2008 08:23:59 +0100
Message-ID: <ghl6jk$fht$>

"BicycleRepairman" <> wrote in message

>I made the entirely reasonable extrapolation that someone who was
>unfamiliar with Oracle would choose to either (a) let the universal
>installer perform the db configuration, (b) use DBCA to install a
>general purpose database, or (c) if he wanted to study otext, and was
>brave enough to choose a custom database, he would not deselect the
>'Oracle Text' option from the DBCA screen.
>So while I agree that "We don't all use the pre-cooked databases, or
>use DBCA and accept everything", I'll bet you OP did.

The only reason I chose custom database during the installation was because of the fact I needed to use Unicode character set and not the default (Win1250 if I remember correctly). I don't recall changing any other options especially not *deselecting* Oracle Text option. Maybe it needed to be *selected* and I overlooked it. Received on Tue Dec 09 2008 - 01:23:59 CST

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