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Date: Sun, 07 Dec 2008 02:28:28 GMT
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Iím kind of new in oracle administration, take the performance class, and try to learn and understanding the concepts. I came up with some questions. If you can just give me a hint or just help me to find out where should I go to get my answers.
Here they are:

  1. A user complains that a part of their application always runs slowly. You determine that it is a single SQL statement that is slow, not the database or whole application. What suggestions do you make to your user for how to identify how the database is processing the SQL statement?
  2. Your database is performing a significant amount of reading and writing to the temporary tablespace. What steps can you take to reduce the sorting?
  3. You are seeing a significant amount of duplicate SQL statements in the library cache that are not being shared. What steps can you take to increase statement reuse?

Thanks for the helps.
#3 is easy. Read Tom Kyte it has to do with his number 1 pet peave.

#1 and #2 There are only a couple of ways to make something perform better.
Basically it comes down to eliminating bottle necks. So you can either not do something or do less of it.
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