Obama's Birth Certificate - Demand that US presidential electors investigate Obama's eligibility

From: Klowo <bjojna_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2008 03:22:25 -0800 (PST)
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This message is not about the meaningless computer printout called
"Certification of Live Birth" that Obama propaganda machine calls his
"Birth Certificate". The American people are still waiting for a copy
of Obama's original birth certificate that includes all his birth information.

Remind your US presidential electors of their constitutional duty to investigate Obama's natural-born citizen status.

No federal agency like FBI or Secret Service, no Hawaii bureaucrats have ever investigated Obama's birth in Hawaii. Many illegal aliens in USA have official "birth certificates" issued by state bureaucrats on the basis of falsified birth records. Obama has spent over $800,000 in legal costs to avoid presenting a $10 copy of his original birth certificate on the grounds that nobody has a legal standing to see it.

Remind your US presidential electors that they have the legal standing and constitutional duty to investigate Obama's birth in Hawaii by demanding that Obama provide all his original birth records, and a federal agency like FBI or Secret Service fully investigate them.

To find the names of US presidential electors use the partial list at wikipedia below. Or use www.google.com, click News on top, then in the Search News enter the name of your state and the words: presidential electors. Or contact your US Senators, US House Rep, your state senators/reps, etc.

If a US presidential elector refuses to investigate Obama's eligibility then post his/her full name on the internet so that all web search engines can pick it up.


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