Re: Exporting and Importing SQL Statement Cache

From: Matthias Hoys <>
Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2008 15:20:33 +0100
Message-ID: <492ffdf3$0$2858$>

>I am always curious at to why this would be the case. Were these
>buyers who bought the software back in 1998 without a support
>contract? Other than that, why wouldn't someone do it when they can
>do it for free?

>The argument "It works, why mess with it?" I have heard in the past I
>think is just lame. The first time someone hits a problem without
>support (assuming they have a support contract), someone will lose a
>job, which is just wrong.

It all depends. Sometimes you can do more damage by upgrading than by leaving it alone. I recently installed patch set (upgrade from and some user queries just crashed with ora-600 errors ! I had to install 3 additional one-off patches and set a hidden ora parameter before everything was "stable" again. And Oracle Locator was broken after the upgrade ... Luckily, this was only a development environment. Still, I didn't expect that many problems after the installation of the third patch set for the second release of a software product ...

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