Re: Oracle 10g / PHP / utf-8

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Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2008 01:01:05 +0100
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Nico wrote:
> On Nov 20, 5:17 pm, Laurenz Albe <> wrote:
>> Nico <> wrote:
>>> On Linux/Apache/PHP5/Oracle Database 10g Express Edition Release
>>> I checked the script
>>> /usr/lib/oracle/xe/app/oracle/product/
>>> 10.2.0/server/config/scripts/, where the environment var
>>> NLS_LANG is set to AMERICAN.UTF8. So far so good. It means that the
>>> client was properly configured.
>> Oracle's UTF8 is in UNICODE Version 3.0
>> Oracle's AL32UTF8 is UNICODE Version 4.01
>> The latter is preferred.

That's an understatement, see links below.

> Laurenz; As I wrote, from PHP I do not set the language, but only the
> charset - to AL32UTF8. So in PHP we're OK.
> If I understand correct, for sqlplus or other client software, I
> should set the environment var NLS_LANG to AMERICAN.AL32UTF8 ?

Make that AMERICAN_AMERICA.AL32UTF8 (as stated by Laurenz). Also check these links: (+subsequent replies!) where you also will find a link to a 14-page Oracle Whitepaper on Oracle's Unicode support.


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