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From: DA Morgan <>
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2008 12:51:47 -0800
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ddf wrote:
> On Nov 17, 9:24 am, Jimmy <> wrote:

>> I finished writing an article for new DBA's that are trying to get
>> that first Oracle DBA job. I remember how tough it was so I thought I
>> would share what I learned. You can read the article by going to:
>> Let me know what you think of it, I would love to hear what other
>> DBA's and even new DBA's got from reading it.

> The mindset:
> " I became frustrated at the amount of money that I was pulling in, so
> I went online to check the current salary averages for different IT
> occupations. I was amazed to see DBA's at the top of many of the lists
> I found. From that point on, I made up my mind that I was going to
> become an Oracle DBA."
> The interview:
> "So, how much experience do you have?"
> "None, but I have note cards! All of the answers at my fingertips!"
> "I see. So if thirteen users complain to you about how long it takes
> to see query results you'll take what course of action?"
> "Umm, that's not one of my questions. Could you ask one of these on
> this stack of cards, please? Those I can answer!"
> "Let's try again, shall we? Users are complaining they can't connect
> to the database because of some ambiguous 'archiver error'. What is
> the cause, and what is the solution?"
> "Well, that's because the archiver is stuck and needs to be oiled."
> "Really? Silly me, and I thought it was because the archive
> destination filesystem filled to capacity because the scheduled job
> managing that area failed. You learn something new every day..."
> "Oh, yessir, I agree!"
> "Let's try another one. An ORA-04031 error indicates ... what?"
> "The temporary tablespace is allocated to capacity and needs to be
> dropped and recreated. TEMP should NEVER be allocated 100% because
> that's a problem."
> "You don't say ..."
> "I do say, it's a rampant problem among inexperienced DBAs to think
> the TEMP tablespace is fine at 100% allocation. All of those
> allocated extents that can't be reused ... it's a tragedy, really."
> "Well, I think we have enough information. Thank you for gracing us
> with your presence."
> "It was my pleasure. When do I start?"
> Ahh, the power of money. I was so hoping there was a much loftier
> goal for your becoming an Oracle DBA. Silly me.
> David Fitzjarrell

This would be far funnier were it not true in far too many cases.

It is, however, followed by the second most common answer: "I'd go to metalink, open an SR, wait until Oracle responds, and tell my management the whozit interface to the whatsit API is down. It is really unusual and requires a bug fix from Oracle so I am waiting for them to release a one-off patch."

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