Materialized View: New column in master table is not replicated

From: Hans-Peter Reu <>
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2008 18:49:06 +0100
Message-ID: <gfhpan$86p$>

Hello NG!

I created this Materialized View to replicate a table to another database: CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW MyTblName TABLESPACE MyTblSpace REFRESH FAST AS SELECT * FROM MyTblName_at_l_source;
Anything works fine!

Now I added a new column "Field4" to the master table in the source database.
I expected that the new column is replicated automatically because I used
"SELECT * FROM MyTblName_at_l_source"

But the new column is not replicated to the destination database. I think the reason is that Oracle (10g) ported the "SELECT * FROM MyTblName_at_l_source" to
SELECT "MyTblName"."Field1" "Field1","MyTblName"."Field2"
"Field2","MyTblName"."Field3" "Field3" FROM "MyTblName"@l_source "MyTblName"

First question: Is it possible to create a Materialized View that automatically
replicates a master table with all columns - new columns too?

Second question: I searched for a command something like "ALTER MATERIALIZED VIEW"
to tell oracle to replicate the new column too. But I did not found it. Do I simply have to create the Materialized View once more?

Thanks for your help!
I appreciate it!
I searched a lot of documentations/books but did not found an answer!

Greetings from Germany!
Hans-Peter Received on Thu Nov 13 2008 - 11:49:06 CST

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