Re: Drop database on Oracle 9i

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Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2008 15:08:17 GMT
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"Odd B Andersen" <> wrote in message news:491c0f79$0$90276$
> As you may understand I'm new to Oracle :-)
> But I wish to drop a database on Oracle 9i, but cannot find a 'drop
> database' command, like I find in versjon 10g. How can I drop my database?
> This is on Solaris, and I cannot use any GUI tools (DBCA).
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First make sure that is really what you want to do. In most RDBMS's a database is a logical collection of related database objects. (eg MS Sql Server, mysql) In those RDBMS's you have one instance of the RDBMS running with multiple databases. (master, northwind, etc.) Oracle does NOT work that way. Dropping the database in Oracle means you want to destroy EVERYTHING - the entire Oracle instance. It is rare you want to do that. Instead Oracle has a concept called schemas. It is likely that you want to drop a schema. That is more common. (okay ,not all that common, but more common htan dropping the whole database, which is equivalent to rm -rf * for the db)

I believe the command is drop schema. See the SQL Reference manual that came with the db or go to and download the manual. Jim Received on Thu Nov 13 2008 - 09:08:17 CST

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