Re: Why Oracle does not allow rollback of DDL statements?

From: Mladen Gogala <>
Date: 11 Nov 2008 10:12:16 +0100
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On Mon, 10 Nov 2008 07:24:58 -0500, Serge Rielau wrote:

> With transactional DDL your users would never have seen the invalid
> view. The ALTER TABLE and the CRATE OR REPLACE VIEW are a semantic unit.
> They should be executed together.

That is true. I usually have to do a little downtime for the applications when applying DDL. That doesn't seem to be a problem. IT departments that I worked in usually have downtime procedures and schedules. Each major DB has scheduled "maintenance time", some are admittedly very odd, like "every 2nd weekend in the month, between 02:00 AM and 04:00 AM on the night between Saturday and Sunday" but nevertheless, such policies usually do exist.

Editions are meant exactly for that but are largely undocumented. In the reference manual, the column EDITIONING_VIEW in the DBA_VIEWS view is described as "RFU". Dan Morgan has described the SQL interface here: How exactly is that supposed to be used, I don't know. I am not at all sure that transactional DDL would be a good thing. It would deprive me of much of the insight in other users sessions that I now have.

Mladen Gogala
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