Re: Why Oracle does not allow rollback of DDL statements?

From: Serge Rielau <>
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2008 14:49:09 -0500
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> On Mon, 10 Nov 2008 07:06:06 -0500, Serge Rielau <>
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>> Oracle has to deal with that today!

> Even without you advocating lousy development practices, developers
> are already creating more than enough big messes.
> Could you please explain why you advocate changing production systems
> on the fly?
> Do you have any ideas how information systems are designed?
> Or are you just a 12 year old or promoting the development strategy of
> your 12 year old nephew?
> Why are you making such nonsensical assertions?


You seem to have very little expectations and trust in your current DBMS....

Of course it is nonsensical in an environment where DDL is auto commit. It is very sensical in one where I play in DDL as a transaction.. It's not only about having active users, even queries are expected to be in flight. And no we didn't cook this up. Real DB2 customers demand this level of on-line schema evolution.
You simply cannot interrupt or drain a complex warehouse query just because you need to patch a view!

Open your mind man!

Serge Rielau
DB2 Solutions Development
IBM Toronto Lab
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