Re: Does Oracle have anything like SAP Business Intelligence Accelerator?

From: Serge Rielau <>
Date: Sat, 08 Nov 2008 16:17:02 -0500
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DA Morgan wrote:
> I think you are confusing apples and trees. Almost all SAP installs
> are done using the Oracle database. So when one looks at SAP
> technology one is asking about an SAP technology built with an
> Oracle database as its foundation (just as all apples grow on trees).
Arrogance comes before the fall.
Nestle runs arguable the biggest R/3 and SAP BW systems and it ain't growing on an Oracle tree:

I doubt that almost all SAP BW installations run on Oracle.

> Thus a question such as "Does Oracle have something like this" is
> lacking in context.
> If you are asking about E-Business Suite then there is something we
> can discuss but it would be off-topic in this usenet group which is
> for server technology and I would direct you to look at Oracle's
> TimesTen In-Memory Cache.

You are off topic. The SAP BIA is server technology and not a front end cache. TmesTen has no relation.


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