Re: Can Oracle use Multiple indexes at once on a single table?

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Date: 05 Nov 2008 21:43:17 GMT
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> Dear Experts,
> Can Oracle use Multiple indexes at once on a single table?
> Say we make a single table with multiple indexes on it.
> A single field index on Field_A. Another index on Field_B.
> Another index on Field_C.
> And we do a query on the one table, and have filter conditions
> on each of these fields.
> I do know in the old versions of Oracle, filters on all three
> fields could only use one index. Oracle would choose the
> best index to use, and filter on one field. Then linear search
> through the subset of records on the other filters.
> However, in 10g, can Oracle use multiple indexes at once?

In 9, I've seen "Bitmap conversion from rowids", "bitmap and", and "Bitmap conversion to rowids". I assume 10 still has the capability, but I haven't had the need to look into it. Knowing Oracle they probably named it something different.


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