Re: Puzzeling error with package

From: Tim X <>
Date: Sun, 02 Nov 2008 13:53:31 +1100
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William Robertson <> writes:

> On Oct 31, 10:43 pm, Tim X <> wrote:
>> joel garry <> writes:
>> > On Oct 30, 6:13 pm, Tim X <> wrote:
>> >> thanks Joel. Thats close to what the DBAs and I were beginning to arrive
>> >> at. thanks for the reference. I'm going to look at metalink2 on the
>> >> weekend.
>> > On reflection, I'm wondering if this might happen if you simply ran
>> > the reload procedure twice.  You wouldn't see the bad log if you
>> > always use the same name, maybe append the process id to it...
>> thats possible. Good idea to append the pid to the log name.
>> Still doesn't make sense to me - I remain puzzled over how the variable
>> can both be defined, but have a null value when its definition includes
>> initialisation and it is defined as a constant. Even if it was some sort
>> of caching issue, or something odd on the client/sqlplus side, as it is
>> a constant varchar2, it still shouldn't have a null value.
>> Part of me wishes it would happen again just so that I would have a
>> chance to track it down. . Just don't like it when my code does
>> something unexpected that I can't explain. With my luck, it will do it
>> again at next weeks demonstration!
>> thanks,
>> Tim
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>> tcross (at) rapttech dot com dot au
> Also looks similar to this, which turned out to be a PL/SQL compiler
> bug:
> (note due to a bug in the current OTN forum software, '<>' displays as
> a blank, so Steve's problem occurs with the statement "Exit when x <>
> y;")

Thanks William, thats an interesting reference.


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