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On Oct 23, 5:53 am, (obakesan) wrote:
> Hi
> In the past I recall using both $ORACLE_BASE and $ORACLE_HOME, but when
> reading Administrator's Guide 10g Release 1 (10.1) Part No. B10739-01 I find
> that it suggests ORACLE_BASE is only windows platform.
> the manual states:
> This release complies with Optimal
> Flexible Architecture (OFA) guidelines.
> All subdirectories are not under a top
> level ORACLE_HOME directory. There is a
> top level directory called ORACLE_BASE
> that by default is C:\oracle. If you
> install the latest Oracle Database release
> on a computer with no other Oracle
> software installed, then the default setting
> for the first Oracle home directory is
> C:\oracle\orann, where nn is the
> latest release number
> For example a table on p48 Ch2:
> Platform | Default Name | Default Location
> UNIX | spfiledbname.ora | $ORACLE_HOME/dbs or the same location as
> the datafiles
> Windows | spfileSID.ora | ORACLE_BASE\ORACLE_HOME\database
> Yet I recall using scripts on Linux which referenced ORACLE_BASE
> Eg:
> has $ORACLE_BASE been part of the [U|L]inux installation in the past? If so,
> was this something 'cleaned up' with the introduction of OFA?
> See Ya
> (when bandwidth gets better ;-)
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If you search for the phrase: Optimal Flexible Architecture

and then look at the 10g docs, you may notice a whole bunch of unix installation guide references.

Actually, it was originally put together by Cary Millsap long ago, and I recall seeing a post on oracle-l where he didn't agree with the mods for 10g.

It's just a recommendation, but a fairly good one as far as I'm concerned. There have been various mods proposed over the years, but personally I've found when I go into a new place if it is close to "standard" it's a heck of a lot easier. There are some things leftover from the old jbod days which can look weird, but in the end, it is a DBA configuration decision.

The $ORACLE_HOME/dbs default location could be considered to be a conflicting alternative configuration to OFA.


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