Re: Combining snapclones with DataGuard

From: DA Morgan <>
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2008 06:21:38 -0700
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Michael Austin wrote:

> Just an observation - and not intending to start an OS war, but, if you
> are going to use enterprise class storage, why in the world would you
> ever deploy this on Windows? None of the Windows databases -including
> Oracle could ever hope to keep up with say, Solaris, AIX , HPUX or even
> Linux - and is far more manageable (IMO) than a Windows environment.
> Windows and even Oracle on Windows has it's place, I, however would not
> consider the data center one of them...

I will agree. Not because I am convinced Windows is that inferior an operating system but rather because after seeing Windows in the data center for more than a decade I am convinced that Microsoft certified Windows admins are an inferior lot.

The "average" *NIX admin can run circles around the most senior Windows admins.

I've no doubt there are some real geniuses at Microsoft, H/P and IBM that know what they are doing. But these people are not working as FTE's at any customer site I've ever visited.

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