Oracle Model Operator - Question

From: NHM <>
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2008 02:31:58 -0700 (PDT)
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Hello, I've been trying to use the model operator, but although this operator could have the potential for what I want, the way it ends up working seems to be too simplistic.

I'd like some help figuring out if what I'd like to a chieve is simple impossible for now, or if there is a way to work around the problems the operator presents.

So here is a link explaining the operator:

The way the put it, they intended to have this operator enable a developer make his spread sheet calculus in the RDBMS without having to resort to an excel spread sheet.


But the way they describe how the operator works, is as another OLAP thing...

You take the dimensions, and create multi dimensional vector. Than you fill in the cells with the respective measurements.

My problem, is that normally: not all cell combinations are defined... for example (person X, Year Y) may have no data registered in the database. (in olap you'd say in the fact table)

Anyway, I don't care about it... I'd like the return table to give me all the cell combinations, even if they were null.

So for Example: Consider a relational table with (Names, Years, Events)...
You have got to entries: John, 2007, Married , and Peter, 2003, Died

The multi dimentional vector Would be something like: John

         2003 2007

When you work with the model operator, it does reconize that all those cell indexes exist, but it won't return you: a John, 2003, Null simply because it did not exist in the original relational table. You could get it returned if you clearly stated through a rule, that you wanted that cell updated.

But you can see the problem with that right? You'd have to have a rule for each cell with no data, in order for it to come up in the end results.

Any help on how i could accomplish this? Get all possible cube combinations in the output table?

Thanks! Received on Wed Oct 22 2008 - 04:31:58 CDT

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