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Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2008 21:23:01 +0200
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"joel garry" <> schreef in bericht On Oct 21, 10:07 am, Aya the Vampire Slayer <> wrote:
> sybrandb <> wa:
> >And you will take over and answer all RTFM questions? Because 99.9
> >percent of all questions here ARE of the RTFM type.
> >That would be good joke!
> You know you don't have to reply to those types of posts. (seriously)
> But since I know you can't help yourself, I'll write you a post that you
> can just paste/read in every time you reply to one of those moronic/lazy
> people who post here so frequently. I'm being serious here, please,
> please use it.

Actually, I wrote for this very reason. I didn't want to be seen as competing with the faq's that were being posted at that time (orafaq and the Lewis faq), so I never made it a repetitive posting. Obviously giving it as a reactive measure hasn't worked so well, I'm open to suggestions. My current view is it doesn't make much difference, newsgroups go through their own kind of life cycle, I'm not going to make much difference in Sybrand's style, I've said what I think about it, I think he is useful to the group, wish he would chill, but I'm glad we can freely say whatever we want here.

> 0. Please read the newsgroup charter:

I also posted that because it didn't seem to be as easy to find as it should be.

> 1. Please post your full Oracle version (e.g., via "select
> banner from v$version"
> 2. Please post your Oracle server's operating system and version
> 3. Please usehttp://google.comto help you find your answer
> 4. Please use help you find your answer
> 5. Please use help you find your
> answer
> 6. Please use help you find your answer
> (optional, if you're feeling particularly generous)
> 7. Here are some keywords to search on: <word1>, <word2>, <word3>
> >Also I'm not aware you have been elected to be the moderator of this
> >forum, so I will do as I see fit, and ignore your 'Holier than thou'
> >comments.
> I find your flaming of regulars on these newsgroups to be rather "holier
> than thou". Like that one recent thread with Palooka. I've only been
> lurking here for a few months but even I recognize Palooka as a regular.
> >Apparently you don't know what you are talking about. The majority of
> >posters here is not prepared to do ANY research prior to posting.
> >They don't read the documentation, they don't search Google, they
> >don't search OTN, they don't search Usenet, they don't search Asktom.
> Just use the canned response above instead. Train them to be better
> posters. Google's abomination of "google groups" has made new people not
> understand the implicit "rules" by which usenet abides since times long
> past. Which unfortunately leaves it upon the rest of us to train them.
> >Have you never noticed how Tom Kyte treats those people? There is
> >really not much difference between me and him.
> I do not read Tom's site, but if it involves being rude, that's not
> really going to help. All being rude does is start flame wars and make
> people never want to come back (which may be your goal, who knows?). But
> if you want the readership of these newsgroups to increase, you're going
> to have to work with the morons that are posting out there now and train
> them to become better posters. It sucks, but the wilds of the internet
> today involve multitudes of ignorant people with bad posting habits.

I find it jarring when Tom is rude, I don't think of him that way since he posts so much information so clearly. But I understand, and he's usually quite explicity about why he's PO'd about something. Sybrand posts out-of-context, although his complaints are often right on the money, otherwise I'd flame him as much as anyone.

> >I have been answering question here for 12 years, and I have seen the
> >level of the post see go down... and down... and down....
> >Don't chastize me for being grumpy, I'm more than entitled to it.
> There is no entitlement or reasonable excuse for bad behavior.
> Especially if you want things to change for the better. It's nice that
> you've stuck with the groups for so long despite 99.9% of the posts now
> being worthless ones, though. Your insight is very valuable when you
> chose to provide it. Seriously.

Agree with that, not so sure I agree with the level of posting going down... see maybe the alternatives have gone up, and newbies have increased in volume but gone down in quality.

> >All of my career I had to deal fulltime with incompetent people and
> >abysmal databases.
> I would think that's pretty common for anyone who works in the IT sector
> (the former) and maintains oracle databases (the latter). I have
> recently had the fortunate luck of being allowed to actually *fix* one
> of our horribly implemented databases that had an absolutely terrible
> schema design.
> --
> "Care must be exorcised when handring Opiticar System as it is apts to
> be sticked by dusts and hand-fat." --Japanese Translators
> "Keep your fingers off the lens." --Elton Byington, English Translator

That is one of the best sigs!


-- is bogus.
And pirates preferrrrrrrrr Windows.

The charter today is like asking airplane passengers to notice warning signs 
on the side of the road......
People fly in from everywhere (google, news servers, outlook (yuck))
And it's 12 years old, from the time where Oracle products could be devided 
into server, tools and misc.....

And for the non-Dutch-speaking people over here: It's a pitty you can't read 
Sybrands responses in Dutch groups. He's actually very polite in this group!

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