Re: Combining snapclones with DataGuard

From: gazzag <>
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2008 09:14:20 -0700 (PDT)
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On 21 Oct, 17:06, Aya the Vampire Slayer <> wrote:
> <snip sybrand rant>
> I have gotten to the point where Sybrand's rants have become rather
> comical. He seems more like a bot than an actual person, posting some
> variation on "lazy programmers" and "RTFM" to pretty much all original
> posts on any of the oracle groups.
> As much as I really wish he'd stop grumping and whining though, he does
> seem to know his stuff very well and it would be a shame to lose the
> good contributions that he does make every once in a while. Still, I
> wish he'd just ignore/kf/whatever the threads that he feels the urge to
> unleash a torrent of condescending remarks at rather than posting yet
> another useless rant.
> (minor intro)
> I have been mostly lurking here for a few months, but I have posted a
> few responses to things. There's one question I've been wanting to ask
> but I really don't want to post something and have Sybrand jump all over
> me for "being lazy" or whatever BS he wants to use in his particular
> response at that time. It's a PL/SQL optimization related question (the
> issue has already been solved, I am just curious why it was an issue in
> the first place).
> Anyway, I am a fairly junior DBA, and I haven't had anyone at all to
> learn from but I was able to twist my employer's arm and get them to
> send me to the two 10g DBA classes which I found very useful.
> Fortunately or no, now I am the defacto database everything for the
> entire organization and it quite honestly scares me sometimes because I
> don't really know all that much. Reading these newsgroups makes it quite
> clear I don't know all that much.
> Unfortunately for me, the way my organization is set up, I can't really
> make use of the things discussed on these groups the most like SAN,
> DataGuard, RAC, but I am very interested in learning more about them.
> That's why I've been reading all the discussions on them here, even if I
> don't really understand a whole lot of what's being said. These
> newsgroups have been very useful for me, but the angry rants, not so
> much.
> (Oh, and D.A. Morgan -- thank you for your psoug site, it has been
> very useful to me over these past few years; the examples are great)
> --
> "Care must be exorcised when handring Opiticar System as it is apts to
> be sticked by dusts and hand-fat." --Japanese Translators
> "Keep your fingers off the lens." --Elton Byington, English Translator

Jeez, such sensitivity in the world today. Don't be a baby - ask your question ;)

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