Re: Mutual Relationship

From: Walt <>
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2008 15:53:11 -0400
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Sephiroth wrote:
> What do you guys think about the following situation:
> A Person has a Department and a Department has a boss that is a
> Person.
> Can I make a mutual relationship like this?
> [has a]
> Person --------------------> Department
> [Boss]
> Department --------------> Person

Yes, you can. But to really model the real world, you should be prepared to allow a person to have more than one department, and to allow a department to have more than one boss.

 > What do you guys recommend?

Find an example that works in practice and copy it rather than re-inventing the wheel. When adapting the other model, try to find it's weaknesses and fix those problems. It's not simple or easy.

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