Re: RAC or Large SMP...?

From: DA Morgan <>
Date: Thu, 09 Oct 2008 22:46:50 -0700
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>> You suspect incorrectly. zLinux is just SUSE. And Linux is Linux
>> and Linux is free. All of it. You may choose to pay for support
>> but that is optional just like with Oracle and Redhat.
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>> Daniel A. Morgan

> Hi Daniel,
> that covers the OS, but my concern was the high expense of the HW. We
> would need to buy a mainframe for the zLinux solution right..?

Of course you would. And of course the hardware is expensive. But again lets look at the details.

Assume you are currently running 100 dual core dual CPU servers. Price out your EE licenses.

Now take that number of EE core licenses and divide by 20 (half way between the 10 and 30 x86 cores per IFL) and see how much money you have available to purchase that hardware.

Now consider the value of having a machine with a mean time between failures of 90 years.

Now consider the value of having a machine not available to any hacker/cracker on the planet to test exploits and some of the tightest built-in security anywhere.

Now consider the value of having virtualization software, zVM, fully supported by Oracle.

Now consider the value of having hardware no one will ever try to run Windows on. <g>

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