Demand that Obama release his college records! Where is the media?

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Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2008 13:59:33 -0700 (PDT)
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Why is it important to see Obama's college records? Because the media has created fantasies around Obama on every issue. You should start dispelling them with the easiest one, i.e. the fantasy of Obama's "academic degrees and honors".

Obama has been fighting desperately to block all access to his college records. Even his "academic paper" at Columbia mysteriously disappeared. The media just swallowed the official Obama's "academic degrees and honors" without checking his actual grades, his scores on standardized tests, his academic writings if any, etc. All the decisions to admit Obama to colleges, to give him "academic degrees and honors" were made by a few unknown individuals. Read about the racial turmoil at one college where he got his "academic honors". The race tensions seem to follow Obama wherever he goes.

If Obama's college records fail to meet the requirements for legitimate academic degrees and honors then Obama will be declared an academic fraud. Maybe then the media will start vetting Obama on other issues. Then we will be able to address the biggest fantasies like Obama's "ability to solve" the financial crisis which requires making executive decisions. Obama never made a single real executive decision in his life! How will Obama be able to attract quality people if he has a long history of attracting and being attracted to the worst kind? Any Hollywood actor can read a teleprompter and memorize talking points written by secret handlers.

If Obama gets elected and turns the United States into a war-torn country like Kenya then his college records will mysteriously leak, but then it could be too late.

I am asking everybody to request at least one major news network to make it an election issue. Ask others to do the same. Since Obama has built his political career around his "academic degrees and honors", all his college records (complete set of grades, scores on standardized tests, etc) must be released. Keep in mind that Obama's supporters have saturated media outlets and internet bandwidth for the last two years with stories of Obama's "academic degrees and honors". Now they viciously attack those who want to see Obama's grades and scores on standardized tests.

Obama's "academic degrees and honors" without checking his grades and his scores on standardized tests are like "good standing" of Enron or Fannie Mae before they collapsed. You would be surprised what racial accusations, threats, boycotts can do to academic integrity at US colleges!

Some websites to submit your requests:,2933,77538,00.html

Some websites to read about Obama's "academic career":
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