Re: Report what tables or columns being used and how often.

From: DA Morgan <>
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2008 18:25:50 -0700
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Jeremy Smith wrote:
> You keep saying what I could do, but then that it has no real meaning.
> I guess I should ask you how you would go about locating data in a DB
> with 1000's of columns that have been slow added one by one that are
> used for reports or function for a tools. We want to move to a new DB
> and only want to move the attributes that are being used.
> So one table has 20 columns and 5 of them are no longer being access
> for possible old reports or tools. Then we don't want to move it to
> the new DB. My boss wants a report of what columns are being used and
> how often. If there is over head, then that is fine. I will include
> that as part of my project analysis, so that they know the full
> impact.
> Thanks

Moving attributes that are being used is essentially meaningless as I have indicated because, quite often, critical data may not be access directly.

What I would recommend you do is go to the end users and ask them to make a business case for each and every element. That they are accessing it only means it is in some query. It doesn't mean anyone looks at it or cares about it. There may very well also be elements they actually need but that are not currently in the database. Then taking the business requirements and create both logical and physical ERDs that take into account data integrity and other technical considerations beyond the scope and knowledge of the user community.

That is what you should move. Nothing more ... nothing less.

I have seen more than a small number of applications that bring back a ton of data when all people really want is one field on a form.

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