Re: Minimizing downtime for 9i to 10g upgrade

From: Palooka <>
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2008 21:13:27 +0100
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Connor McDonald wrote:
> Chuck wrote:

>> DA Morgan wrote:
>>> I am slightly embarrassed to say this but I don't know since I
>>> haven't seen in about 5 years. It might be that it is and
>>> it might be that this was handled in so check the docs.
>> Hey I'm embarassed to be supporting versions that are so old! But a lot
>> of times the version of the application dictates the version of the
>> database, and other times the business is never willing to take down
>> time to perform upgrades. In this case it's been a little of both.

> We've done just that exercise recently on a largish (4tb) but low volume
> database. Used a standard backup plus archive recoveru to get a second
> copy of the 9i db, then threw a trigger on every table which created a
> queue of outstanding transactions whilst upgrading the copy to 10g.
> then applied the transaction queue to the 10g database until "switch
> over"...the original 9i database becomes a trivial failback database.

Just curious. What happened to the transactions between your first backup and creation of the triggers?

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