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Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2008 05:03:06 -0700 (PDT)
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On Sep 20, 5:21 am, wrote:
> Hi
> I am using Oracle 10gR2. The problem is Im a developer and know very
> little (next to nothing) about Oracle as I am predominantly a
> Microsoft man. I have done a direct copy of all the ORA_HOME folders
> to the new server, but I can't see the schemas when I look at the
> ORacle database. I would imagine that somehow I have to mount the old
> database or tell Oracle that they exist, but I just don't know how. I
> would imagine someone who knows about Oracle could do this in no time.
> I can also provide remote access connection to the server, but I am
> desperate and dont have any time left and like I said, whether you
> give me direct instructions on how to do it or connect remotely and do
> it for me, as long as it works, I will pay you.
> Regards
> Nima

Looks like you might have skipped reading this part of the response from Aya?

f you install the _exact same version_ of oracle on your new server and
create a DB with the _exact same configuration_ as your old DB, you should be able to restore your backup (the above files) with minimum problems by shutting your new DB down and replacing its version of the above files with the ones from your backups. Let me re-emphasize that your oracle versions (up to three decimal places) must be the exactly the same.

  • To shutdown the database you go into windows services and stop the oracle related ones ...
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