Re: Discovery of newly added disk in ASM without bounce

From: gym dot scuba dot kennedy at gmail <>
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2008 14:25:49 GMT
Message-ID: <Nfuzk.148$>

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> Hi,
> Is there any way to add/discover new disk to ASM instance while
> instance is running.
> I needed more space for some DG and there were no disk available to my
> Server. I asked my
> Sys Admin and he added new Disks/partition/LUN to my server.
> I created new VOL_9 using oracleasm createdisk Vol_9 -
> but I can not use this vol_9 until ASM discover this, And I knew only
> option to restart the ASM instance only then you would find this in v
> $asm_disk ..
> Is there any way to get this disk discovered by ASM instance without
> bounce.
> Regards,
> Lyxx

I believe if you log into asm as sysdba and just run a query on v$disk_groups; (check reference manual or exact table name) It will find the new slice.(it doesn't hurt anything to do that.) Jim Received on Mon Sep 15 2008 - 09:25:49 CDT

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