Re: Minimizing downtime for 9i to 10g upgrade

From: DA Morgan <>
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2008 22:35:54 -0700
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Chuck wrote:
> I need to upgrade a 9i database to 10g but the business unit cannot
> tolerate any downtime. I've advised them the cleanest way is to upgrade
> the db in place which takes about 90 minutes. They are uncomfortable
> with that much down time. An exp/imp to a new 10g database would take
> even longer.

Why? you can do TB systems in seconds.

First set up your 10g database.
Then copy over all of the rows except for the last 24 hours.

Then copy over all of the information not previously copied except for the last hour.

Repeat for everything except the previous 2-5 minutes.

Then switch them over. This is the few seconds.

Then bring in that last five minutes worth of transactions which likely will never be missed in the minute or two it will take to capture them.

This technique is aided by the use of partitioning and I highly recommend several practice runs to perfect your technique.

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