Re: Questions about Oracle RMAN encryption

From: Michel Cadot <micadot{at}altern{dot}org>
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2008 21:04:59 +0200
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| Dear group,
| I have some questions about RMAN encryption and hope the expert here
| can help me out.
| The documents says RMAN encryption has three options, the default is
| transparent, and this option is only good for restoring the database
| to the same server.
| Does this mean the wallet is hardware dependent?
| If I restored the RMAN backupset AND wallet file to another server,
| the same OS, same Oracle version, etc, will I be able to restore my
| database? Or you would say the new wallet file would not be
| recognized by new server?
| Thanks for your help

Yes, you can restore it.

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