Re: ORACLE 11g DB Control hugs CPU 100%

From: Shakespeare <>
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2008 21:11:52 +0200
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"manfis" <> schreef in bericht news:g920b0$mjf$02$
> Hello,
> 11g, Win XP 2G SP2
> after installing 11g EE and starting DB Control (emctl start dbconsole and
> login sys pass sysdba) task manager reports oracle.exe is 100 % busy.
> Without doing anything, cpu remains 100%, entering emctl stop dbconsole
> all is fine.
> has sombody seen this strange behaviour as well?
> Manfis

I checked this with an Oracle DBA consultant and it seems it is known behaviour. It does happen in the case you install a pre seeded database (but can happen in other cases as well). The moment you start DB Control, it decides it has a lot of jobs to run and starts firing them (the seeded data is from 2004 or so, so it is 4 years behind with the jobs and tries to catch up!)

Killing the eunning jobs will do the trick.

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