Re: What are the advantages of migrating appliations from Oracle 8i to the 10g platform?

From: hpuxrac <>
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2008 16:33:38 -0700 (PDT)
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On Aug 22, 2:09 am, "Vladimir M. Zakharychev" <> wrote:
> On Aug 21, 6:38 pm, EliasFigueroa <> wrote:
> > What are the advantages of migrating appliations from Oracle 8i to the
> > 10g platform
> If your applications don't evolve and "just work", probably none. You
> may get some performance improvements from migrating, but you may well
> get all sorts of problems, slowdowns and incompatibilities if your PL/
> SQL code is quirky and your SQL is not CBO-friendly and you didn't
> account for the new features in it, or if your application was built
> using some old framework or platform. Sybrand's and Mark's points do
> apply, but to a degree.
> For example, we have an application that was written using Forms6i.
> The app was certified against 8i and later 9iR2, but that's it. No 10g
> or 11g, it simply won't work with these releases. Forms client can't
> even use 9i client, it has to use its own v8 client. The app can't be
> changed, nor can it be replaced, so there's no reason for us to
> migrate in this case (unless we want to break it and train ourselves
> in overnight DR. :))
> Support is important, but if your application is working fine and you
> didn't have any new issues with Oracle8i for the last 4 years that
> required support calls then what difference will another 4 years
> without support make? Besides, you can still get support, just not the
> bug fixes - but most probably none will be needed anyway.
> "Better is the enemy of good."
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Some very good points made by Vladimir nicely organized and summarized.

So many companies are driven by buying applications from others and running them against "certified" vendor releases. So you "cannot" get support from your application vendor unless you are running against specific oracle releases. That does change, over time, gradually ... depending on the app vendor and as Vladimir noted the dependencies in pieces of the applications and tools/technologies they were developed with.

If your applications are custom aka "roll your own" and supported in house then well there's nothing much from stopping you from evaluating getting current with oracle technologies. As long as you are paying for support ( not all places are ) then the upgrades in database versions are no additional charge.

We are rolling along with some and some 11.1 probably will be 11.2 on some systems soon. Received on Thu Aug 28 2008 - 18:33:38 CDT

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