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From: Palooka <>
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2008 23:09:53 +0100
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>> es330td wrote:
>>> I am a 14 year SQL Server DBA/developer. My company has a web based
>>> enterprise application we license to clients and up until they have
>>> all used SQL Server backends. We have an RFP on the table to license
>>> the software to a new client but they want to use Oracle 11g as their
>>> datastore. In addition to MSSQL, I've done development/design work in
>>> the past on Informix and DB2 so adapting to a new RDBMS should be
>>> straightforward. That said, I am going to have to convert a number of
>>> stored procedure from Transact SQL and have never written anything in
>>> PL/SQL. I have about a month to get the application up and running on
>>> Oracle. (Note that 95% of the logic is in the webpages and only
>>> limited stored procedure are used throughout the site.)
>>> I went to and registered and then downloaded Oracle
>>> Database 11g Release 1, Oracle Database 11g Release 1 Client and
>>> Oracle Database 11g Examples
>>> Oracle appears to have an installation guide to get me started (IT is
>>> configuring a clean W2K3 install for me) but I'm sure I am going to
>>> need some reference materials for Oracle, especially PL/SQL. If
>>> anyone know of any books they like they can recommened I would
>>> appreciate it.
>>> This system will be W2K3 and Oracle 11g
>> Apart from Oracle's own documentation, which is excellent and free, but
>> can be a bit difficult to wade though at times, Fuerstein is always a
>> reasonable bet. Personally I don't like his style much, but the content
>> is fine.
>> I suspect though, that the biggest difficulty you will have is in
>> accepting that TSQL doesn't "translate" well to PL/SQL, nor vice versa.
>> Something of a rethink is always needed. Word of warning: beware in
>> particular the select into or select first row when there is no data found.
>> Good luck, however. If you have a month for coding and the application
>> is anything other than trivial in its use of the database, I hope the
>> project manager has allowed two or three months for testing.
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> We have several months for the actual implementation; the one month
> deadline is to show that it can run using Oracle as the backend.  I
> don't have to have it perfect and 100% complete but I do need to be
> able to complete one branch of process flow from beginning to end.  I
> can omit some "branches" of the app but the critical path must work
> end-to-end.

That sounds reasonable. For sure it can be done using Oracle as the backend; likely much better if it is done properly.

Again, good luck with it.

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