Re: Trigger Timeout Loop Issue

From: Julian Mensch <>
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2008 13:32:06 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID: <>

> One would question what you are doing in the web service, which can
> not be accomplished by
> - (preferably) PL/SQL
> or
> - calling the code in an external procedure.

  We're calling a third-party web service, among several other things, that has a much more complex calling structure. We work with a 3rd-party app from a large company that isn't directly compatable with Oracle, but has interface libraries (only) for .NET.

  We're not calling our web service just to go back and edit our own database; that's a necessary secondary function for the purpose of logging the results.

  The code can't be called from an external procedure (AFAIK) because it isn't required to be in the same physical location, and because the one web service might be called by multiple databases, or multiple schemas within one database.

> What you have set up now is extreemly inflexible, extreemly
> unscalable, and extreemly unrobust.
> One would wonder why your senior dev didn't recommend to keep it in
> Oracle as much as possible without this cr**p.
> The remedy you propose is even worser than the problem at hand.

  I will take this under advisement. Seriously. I don't think we're looking to redesign or remove the web service at this point, however.

  • Julian Mensch
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