Re: database inspection

From: DA Morgan <>
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2008 06:03:50 -0700
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kw wrote:

>> If "they" asked you to do so, I guess they thougt you know what to do 
>> or at least you told them so.... First check what your client is 
>> expecting...

> It's fuzzy. They wants to know incorrect and unoptimal usage, summary
> statistics, etc.

Depends on the version: Doesn't almost everything.

Likely the customer thinks you know where to look to identify incorrectly distributed datafiles, incorrectly set initialization parameters, excessive wait events, insecurely defined roles and responsibilities as reflected in userid, roles, and granted privs. If 10gR2 or above I would definitely include a feature usage report:

If you know where to look ... write your SQL statements, gather the data, and write the report.

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