Re: Licensing rules for Data Guard

From: Neil Truby <>
Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2008 21:13:20 +0100
Message-ID: <>

"Ana C. Dent" <> wrote in message news:Xns9AFD7550B34ABanacedenthotmailcom_at_69.16.185.250...
> "Neil Truby" <> wrote in
> There is nothing to stop anyone from creating a remote standby database &
> manually shipping the redo log files from the primary to the standby and
> applying the changes. It trivial to implement.

Thanks for the reply.
If I read correctly, the log shipping technique, which is as you say well documented on multiple sites, involves shipping archived, rather than active, re-do logs and therefore is certain to be minutes, rather than the max 5 seconds, out-of-phase that we need. Is that right? Received on Sun Aug 17 2008 - 15:13:20 CDT

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