Using RMAN with EMC Networker - Expiration Policy

From: Marcelo Wotfe <>
Date: Sat, 16 Aug 2008 01:26:13 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID: <>

My customer is implementing an oracle backup solution with EMC Networker (ex Legato).
I've a question about Expiration. There are daily and monthly backups with different expiration times.
I don't know if it's better control expiration with RMAN policy or Networker policy.

According EMC NetWorker Module for Oracle, Release 4.5 Administration Guide at page 50:

"NMO supports the Oracle retention policy with some restrictions,
since the
NetWorker server has its own browse and retention policies to specify how long data
is available for recovery. NetWorker browse and retention policies are based on a
user-defined time period. Since the Oracle retention policy is independent from that
of the NetWorker server, and there is no mechanism to synchronize these policies, the
NetWorker and Oracle policies could conflict."  ...
"To avoid conflict problems, disable the Oracle retention policy (and
then use only the NetWorker server policy) with the following command:configure retention policy to none"

But, at next page:

"To use the Oracle retention policy, set the NetWorker browse and
retention policies to
be long enough so that backups are kept on the backup volumes until the Oracle
retention policy makes them obsolete."

Then, I'm in doubt about best option when using Networker.

We've another backup solution with TSM/TDPO and it's RMAN that controls retention.

Marcelo. Received on Sat Aug 16 2008 - 03:26:13 CDT

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