Re: OS Backup versus RMAN

From: DA Morgan <>
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2008 18:20:45 -0700
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Dereck L. Dietz wrote:
> Does anybody know where I could find a time comparison between an operating
> system backup and an RMAN backup?
> Thanks.

In what version using what RMAN capabilties on what hardware and based on what percentage of the blocks being changed for what size database?

Operating system backups are paleolithic and I'd personally send any DBA working for me packing if they tried one in any version after 9.0.x.

Take a 1TB database and back it up with the O/S ... you back up 1TB. Take a 1TB database where one 8K block has changed and you back up 8K. The time comparison is worse than meaningless.

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